My name is Jen Johnson and I live near the coast in East Suffolk. I'm a creative person and love to dance. I stumbled across Nia at a local festival in 2017 and decided to try it out ! I’d never danced in that way before and I’d certainly never experienced the sheer sense of wellbeing and elation that Nia gave me. It incorporates 9 dance forms and has elements of Freedance in it, where you get to dance in any way as long as it feels good ! I wanted more !......... Coming back home I realised that there were no Nia teachers in my local area and the only way I could get to dance Nia was to become a Nia teacher....Why not? I completed my White Belt intensive training in Gloucestershire with the awesome black belt trainer Helen Terry and couldn’t wait to share the Nia experience. I started Earthdance Nia in 2020 in order to share my experience and spread the joy of Nia to as many people as possible. Since then I have achieved Blue Belt and Brown Belt qualifications - next stop Black Belt!
So, here I am....come and join me on this magical ride and truly sense the joy of movement through Nia.