I went to my first Nia dance class towards the end of 2019. I have always enjoyed ‘kitchen dancing’ and the dance floor at a wedding, after a few drinks, but having ‘two left feet’ has meant at dance classes I always made mistakes, went the wrong way, or got the steps wrong. I have given up other dance classes, feeling self conscious and unable to move well.

Nia was to change all that for me.

I went to my first Nia class with a friend who enthused about the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of Nia. I thought I would ‘give it a try’ as I needed to be fitter and had some balance issues after having suffered a leg fracture a few years previously.

As soon as Jen started teaching I knew it was going to be good.  Her cheerful energy, enthusiastic positivity and clarity of instruction made following the moves easy.  It also didn’t matter when I got steps wrong – there is no ‘right or wrong’ with Nia, just joyful participation at your own level.  You express the music, as your own body needs, with Jen’s help.  The music is great.  It varies from Indie Rock, to pop, country, jazz, reggae, electro and World music. There are some really great tracks to dance to.

That first class made me determined to go again….but….then ‘Lockdown’ hit.

Jen offered Nia dancing classes on Zoom throughout ‘Lockdown’ and I got used to Zoom and was gradually getting fitter, even losing half a stone in weight without any dieting!  The most amazing side effects of my twice weekly Zoom dancing with Jen and Nia were a feeling of happiness and well being and improved balance.  I could get up off the floor more easily, could move quickly and spin without getting dizzy and bend and stretch like never before.  As I got fitter, the classes went by more quickly, and seemed easier, than when I started. 


I love the variety of music and styles of dance, the martial arts elements, the the meditation and yoga phases.  I enjoy the benefits of better fitness, higher levels of good mood and cheerfulness, more strength and stamina, more core stability (less risk of falling over!) and much better balance.  I sleep better.  I laugh more, feel more at one with my body and love dancing.

Whilst it isn’t all about Nia I know that the classes I take each week have played a huge part in my sense of well being and good health. Nia has become an important part of my week and I KNOW it is an important method of ‘self medication’ physically, mentally and spiritually for me. I look forward to the classes both at  Westleton Village Hall and in Beccles at The Space at the Quay,  but also on my upstairs landing (!) on Zoom on Monday mornings - it’s a brilliant way to start a week positively – and on Thursday evenings.

I now highly recommend Jen and her Nia Earthdance classes to everyone who will listen because I want everyone to partake of the joy and improved health, dancing with Jen, has given me. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for what Nia has brought to my life.

Thank you Jen.  Thank you.

Sue Foster 2021