Why is it important to book?

We ask everyone to book their class via our website (Sun Pass Subscribers do not need to book!). There are several reasons for this:

  • It guarantees you a place on the class. Once the class is full, you will not be able to attend. If you turn up at the door without booking, we will sadly have to turn you away if we are full. Current covid restrictions mean that we cannot exceed our agreed capacity.
  • If only one or two people have booked a class, we may decide to cancel. We will do this about 2 days before the class to give reasonable notice to people. If you were thinking of booking last minute or turning up at the venue without booking, we won't know to expect you. If you book early, we have a better picture of how many are coming.
  • It avoids the disappointment of being turned away at the door if we are full.
  • You may save money, as we offer reduced rates for online booking at some venues.

You can book using this website if you have either:

  • A credit or debit card (preferred method)
  • A PayPal account


Book a Live Class at a local Suffolk venue

There are two ways to find a live class to book:

  • On the right side of the page there is a mini calendar with the days we have classes coloured in. Click on any date and you will be taken to the page where you can book.
  • On the second menu is a list of venues and upcoming events. From there, the available classes will have a CLICK TO BOOK button.

There is no right way to book...either of the above methods will lead you to the same place.

Note that we only put classes on there 4 or 5 weeks ahead so if you don't see class on one of our usual days, either drop us a line or try again next week.


Book an Online Zoom Class

Booking as above. When you click the CLICK TO BOOK button you will be asked to choose a donation amount. We suggest that £7 is about the average paid. If you can't afford that, then please feel free to pay what you can afford. The minimum is £3 because the banking fees make anything less not viable.


Book a Recording

As above, but this time you will receive a link to a Zoom website where we have recorded an earlier live dance class. We usually record the current week's dance routine and a past routine but we don't always put them on the website. If you would like a recording, please send us an email or use the CONTACT ME form and we can put one on the website for you. You pay by donation (£3+) and can watch the recording as many times as you like up until the following Sunday.


General Information for all Bookings

Once you have found your class you need to press the CLICK TO BOOK button. Enter your name and email address. This is so that we can contact you if there is a change or cancellation, and we also include you on our newsletter list. Your details go nowhere else and nobody other than Earthdance Nia will see this information. You may remove yourself from the newsletter list at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of one of our newsletters, or by emailing us. If you are booking a recording or Zoom class, we will use the email address to send your code/link.

If you haven't danced with us before, please select the "no" option and tell us how you heard about us. This helps us to target our advertising. For live classes only, If a friend has recommended you, you can enter their name here and they will receive a free class. Once you have danced a paid class, you will be able to invite a friend and receive a free class too.

We give out voucher codes for free classes if you invite a friend, or if you have purchased a Moon Pass. There is a box here where you can enter that code and your class will be free.

Enter your card details (this is a secure website and all your details are fully encrypted and safe).

The card payment option is more reliable and quicker as the transaction is made on our own website. We prefer you to use this method, but if you can't then you can choose the PayPal option. In this case, you will be taken to the PayPal website where you will need to log in. After payment, you will need to click RETURN TO MERCHANT if you are booking for an online Zoom class or a recording so that you can receive the Zoom code or recording link. Please note that payments by PayPal will incur a fee to cover our extra costs when accepting this payment method. The fee is currently 30p plus 2.9%.

You will then need to tick the "I have read the privacy policy" as this is required by law. Basically, I can assure you that we will never, ever use your name or email address for any purpose other than to contact you in relation to the class.

To prevent spam, you will need to click the I AM NOT A ROBOT box. Finally, click the PROCESS REGISTRATION button and your payment will be completed (or, if you have chosen to pay by PayPal, you will be directed to their website to complete payment.

If booking for a Zoom class or a recording, you will receive your code/link onscreen when payment is complete. You will also receive an email. Check your spam/junk folder if you don't receive this within a few minutes.


That's all there is to it! If you have any problems at all or any questions, please use the CONTACT ME button on the main menu and leave me a message. I usually reply within a few hours.

I very much look forward to dancing with you at one of our classes.