Most of our Nia Dance sessions are in blocks of 4. You may book these individually at £8 per class. However, you may like to book the whole 4 classes in one go. If so you will benefit from the following offers:

Pay for 3 classes and get one FREE!

If you book for all 4 classes at the same time (i.e. in the same checkout), you will receive an £8 discount. That's the equivalent of one free class!

As a member, come to any class at any other venue FREE!

From the date of the first class of the block to the date of the last class, you will be considered an Earthdance Member (sorry, you don't get a card or a badge). This entitles you to come along to any of our classes at any other venue free of charge. For example, if you miss a class you can catch up by attending a class at a different venue. Or, if you just feel like a few extra dance sessions, you can come along to a session at any time at any venue for no extra cost. Dance your socks off!!

Conditions: This offer does not apply to our "one-off" sessions which we occasionally hold at various venues. Occasionally, we offer the first block of 4 classes as a free session. In these cases, if you book for the 3 remaining sessions at the same time, you will receive a £4 discount (£20 instead of £24). You do not have to attend the free session in order to make use of this offer. You will still be regarded as an Earthdance Member from the date of your first paid session to the date of the last paid session.